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Fundamental Objects

Matrix is a Vector<RealVector>. RealVector is a Vector<Real>. Real is used as an alias for System.Double throughout the project. Vector<T> inherits from List<T>.

Matrix and Vector Factories

Classes Matrix and RealVector both have factories that can be used to make it easy to generate arbitrary matrices.

Matrix and Vector Factories Example

//create a 25 row by 70 column matrix with random integer elements between [0, 1000 )
Matrix A = Matrix.Random( 25, 70, 36, 0, 1000 ); 

RealVector vec = RealVector.Random( 70, 36, 0, 1000 );
A.Add( vec ); //dimension checking is not done for you, this is to improve efficiency


The Matrix, RealVector, and Vector<T> classes have several fairly efficient general purpose operations implemented already.
These operations are fundamental to linear algebra and I suspect that most of the library will be implemented through the clever usage of these algorithms.

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